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Hatred in America

Things like this make me sick, literally sick. I cannot stand people who behave in this manner. How could you possibly scream these types of things at children?! How could you hate someone you’ve never met based on things you’ve heard from others? I don’t understand it. I don’t think that I ever will. These “Tea Party”ers (the crazy ones like in the video, not all of them) piss me off, especially the woman. Really, you’re going to be like Yaayy my son kills people like you? You’re going to rejoice in the death of innocent people? You should be ashamed. You feel that those people you are so viciously protesting against are murderers, when I can tell you 99% of them wouldn’t hurt a fly. You must be insane. And at least she admits that. She is crazy, and the people who are shouting with her are crazy. Don’t use this country as a crutch for your hatred, that’s not what America is about whatsoever. Our basic rights say that everyone is created equally, and that we have the ¬†right to freedom of religion. But to them, it’s only for those that they choose. Those people were not hurting anyone, ANYONE, they were trying to help people, but people who seek to strike them down are only pulling our country farther back into the past. I hope beyond hope that eventually things like this are rare, but for now all I can do is stand up for others who are condemned pointlessly and hope that maybe I get through to at least a few people.


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Miscarry, get the Death Penalty?!

This makes my blood boil. How could anyone in their right mind think that this is a good idea, or think that because someone miscarried, they were trying to kill their baby? This is insanity to even propose an idea like this. Women who are going through a miscarriage are already so upset, and hurting, regardless of their situation, and you’re going to make them go through a process to prove they didn’t purposely miscarry?! You have to be a sick, twisted person to think that this is helping ANYONE. This man does not seem to give a damn about women’s rights at all, trying to label victims of domestic violence as “accusers,” ¬†and now this. People like this make me fear for the state of the world. This is all probably just a publicity stunt, and won’t pass, but it still makes me angry. I could punch this man.


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