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Journey to Weight Loss

I have been overweight/obese my entire life. I also have PCOS, which is a condition that makes it harder to lose weight and causes a ton of other health problems. I currently weight somewhere around 280 pounds(BMI of 40 ), I don’t have a scale at college but am going home soon and will weigh myself then. That is also when I am starting my diet/exercise regimen. I’ve cut out soda already (had my last one over 2 weeks ago so that’s going well! ) and I am currently trying to make a plan for my upcoming summer weight loss kick start that I will hopefully stick with for a long time. Right now I feel pretty confident, but that can change easily with me. I think making a plan will help me stick with my diet&exercising this time, though.

My first BIG goal is to get my BMI down to 30, which means I would weigh about 210 pounds. I don’t really know what would be a reasonable time frame to lose this, before January 2012, I suppose.

I’m also going to an amusement park with friends in June, and hope to lose enough to not be worried about whether I will fit on the rides or not…I didn’t fit on one a few months ago and it absolutely shattered me I bawled the rest of that day. So that’s a short term goal to work towards.

I really have no idea how to eat healthily. I don’t like many vegetables but I am determined to try as many of them I can in May and see which ones I like. I do love a ton of fruits, though. I’m trying to think of healthy recipes, so far only really came up with one. Oatmeal with a tablespoon of peanut butter mixed in and some sliced apple in it, and maybe a touch of honey. If any of you have tasty recipes to share I would love ideas!


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Sit and Wonder

A British nurse in 2006.

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I am sitting here, finishing up my studying for my Anatomy Lab midterm and I wonder how I will feel about my future job once I actually begin it. I have no idea if I am able to handle the stresses of being a nurse. I don’t know how I will cope. I believe that I can cope, I think that I can work through my problems and feelings. I view it all as a challenge, something for me to conquer, something that I want to do in order to be happy and have a good life. But what is a good life? I want to be a mother eventually too and I would love to be a stay at home mom but right now I don’t see that happening, ever, and that makes me kind of sad. I worry I won’t enjoy my job, but then, why does it matter? If I don’t like it, I could just get another degree or get some type of desk job in Health Care with the degree I’m going to get. If being a nurse doesn’t work out, I’ve realized that’s okay. It doesn’t make me a failure, it just makes me different. It just means that nursing is not the job for me, but there’s a million other types of jobs out there. If it doesn’t work out, I’m confident I will find something I love. I think, though, that I will love nursing, I know it will be difficult, but it’ll be just as rewarding as it is difficult.

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