Corporations and Friends

Hello there! Sheesh I haven’t updated in a while. Lots of fun happenings to talk about! Firstly, me and my friends went to DC :)


I’m in the yellow at the end and yes, I am a fat cow. Thank you for noticing. Anyway, we had a blast! Riding bicycles through DC, going to an awesome amusement park and riding the tallest roller coaster in the country, hanging out in our hotel room playing Apples to Apples was by far my most favorite part of the trip though. I love my friends <3

As for the coporations part of this post, I got a job! At McDonalds…woo. It’s not that bad, though the managers are beginning to piss me off with their favoritism, but I think that happens in most work places so I supposed I should get used to it. I really like the actual job aspect of it though. I cannot wait to get back to school though, it is so much better than having a real job.


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