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Miscarry, get the Death Penalty?!

This makes my blood boil. How could anyone in their right mind think that this is a good idea, or think that because someone miscarried, they were trying to kill their baby? This is insanity to even propose an idea like this. Women who are going through a miscarriage are already so upset, and hurting, regardless of their situation, and you’re going to make them go through a process to prove they didn’t purposely miscarry?! You have to be a sick, twisted person to think that this is helping ANYONE. This man does not seem to give a damn about women’s rights at all, trying to label victims of domestic violence as “accusers,” ¬†and now this. People like this make me fear for the state of the world. This is all probably just a publicity stunt, and won’t pass, but it still makes me angry. I could punch this man.



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