Got an email from Amazon today, saying that my boyfriend’s and I’s copy of Bulletstorm had shipped! This game looks amazing. I honestly cannot wait to play it, I loved the demo. One of my complaints thought is that the game doesn’t have co-op for single player, and that is one of the main reasons I wanted to originally play it. There is no reason for this game to not have co-op, even though some people seem to think that Cliff B. thinking the game isn’t as fun with co-op is a good reason. I’m not Cliff, and I would have a ton of fun in co-op, but I guess he doesn’t want me to thoroughly enjoy his game :( Ah well. Me and Jeff will just take turns playing and pretend we’re playing co-op. The game will still be a blast, I’m glad we’re getting it on the release date.

I downloaded a cool Minecraft Mod. It added bunnies and all kind of birds and other animals and enemies. It added “battle towers” too, which are kind of like above ground dungeons but more difficult.
In other news, Jeff made me the “B” avatar that’s on here now, with some input from me. Super girly, but I like it ;)


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