the first post

I suppose every blog has to start somewhere, right? Well this is mine. I’m a teenage girl and it’s summer time. My writing might bore you but I really don’t care, no one’s forcing you to read this.

Right now I am extremely hot, because the air conditioning in my house is terrible.

Currently most of my days are spent chatting with my boyfriend, surfing the intertubes, and playing video games. I should get a job, but I only have two months left so I’m blah on that idea. Pretty addicted to Modern Warfare 2 right now, and I think I’m finally starting to get better at it.

I really like to read baby blogs for some reason. Probably just because babies are utterly adorable.  

This little girl right here? She’s adorable. Her dad writes one of my favorite blogs. I hope my kids are half as cute ;)

Oh, and my name is Beth, nickname is Beffy.


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